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Every woman desires the perfect figure especially for certain occasions. Wearing and flaunting certain styles, requires one to have a good form in order to look flawless. Working out and eating in control is one way of doing it. But the only quick fix to slipping into a beautiful sculpted dress is by wearing a shapewear.

Shapewear is an undergarment, made up of a material that is elastic and can stay rigid. The fabrics of shapewears are designed to nip and tuck the body for a seamless figure. It helps women reshape their bodies, flatten their bulges, lift what sags, and straightens their postures.

Research has shown that the popularity of shapewear is increasing by the day. With the increasing demand and development of new technology, shapewear is getting more comfortable. In fact many women have made shapewear a staple with their everyday wear. With more and more women wanting to look beautiful and slim, new styles of shapewear are becoming a need  buy and not  luxury buy. And this has caused a huge demand among consumers for lingerie that can also be used as shapewear.

History of Shapewear

Shapewear has been sucking in, pushing up and slimming down women for centuries. Body parts like shoulders, breasts, waist, bottom and even ankles are hidden, adorned or compressed according to the ideal of femininity of the time. Women have been restrained in corsets stiffened by whalebone bound in knickers with laces and uncomfortable garters. Today, however, women wear garments which are light as feather and caress the skin when touched.

Somehow, the history and evolution of lingerie run parallel to the liberation of women. An imaginary gallery of shorts, crinolines, corsets, girdles, silk stockings and knickers of every shape, cut and colour revealed the passage of time – from repression to seduction – illustrate women’s long journey from modest dimensions to erotic reaches of imagination.


Rise in Popularity of  Shapewear

One of the biggest mistakes made while purchasing a shapewear is that you  are usually  tempted to  buy a size  smaller than required, but if you buy shapewear that’s  not your fit, you’re either going to feel wildly uncomfortable and/or end up with more bulges than fewer. There are different varieties of shapewear depending on the flaw you wish to conceal. There are body suits else others which cover individual problem areas like the midriff section, only the bust or the hips. They make you look sleeker, highlighting your assets and hiding the flab.

Adorna Bodysuits provides you with that instant illusion of looking slimmer.  A bodysuit shapewear gives you that  all-round support that is required to pull off the zing that may be required during that occasion. The right shapewear can make your dress size go down by an inch or two. So, now you can wear all those figure-hugging dresses without worrying about bulges and muffin top with a Tummy Tucker Shapewear. As they are worn beneath your clothes, they are virtually invisible, which means you can wear them wherever and whenever. Shapewear not only helps you get a slimmer waistline look, but also helps to improve your body posture as these body shapers provide support to the spine.

What ever the occasion maybe or the dress may be you cannot go wrong with an Adorna Shapewear. You can check out our entire collection at or can chat with us on 783-01234-34.

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