The Science of Shapewear

The Science of Shapewear

Here are the excerpts from the interview of Ashish Agarwal, founder of Adorna Shapewear, in LaceNLingerie, Asia's best lingerie magazine. You can also go through the interview as published in magazine by clicking here


LnL: How Does Shape Wear Attempt To Make Us Skinny?

AA: Shapewear firmly holds the cellulite on our body hence the appearance of body shape improves. Also, the workouts become even more effective as the body posture is corrected due to holding of cellulite and right effect reaches the apt muscles.

Moreover, if right size shapewear is used, it demotivates the user from over-eating, hence a major reason for obesity is checked by wearing a shapewear.


LnL: Is Shapewear Very Effective In Actually Slimming Our Bodies?

AA: Yes, it is. But the user should also have some self-discipline. For instance, if user is regularly using shapewear, then it will work. But on occasional usage, the effect will be minimal.


LnL: Does Wearing Shapewear Pose Any Dangers?

AA: Wearing right size of shapewear doesn’t pose any danger. But we don’t recommend to wear it during sleep as it may interfere with your deep sleep. And pregnant ladies MUST NOT wear shapewear, and in case they really want to, it should be done only after consulting with a qualified doctor.


LnL: Where Does All Of The Fat Go?

AA: The cellulite is initially held firmly thereby giving better shape temporarily. With regular usage, the extra fat burns away giving a permanent effect.


LnL: What Are The Problem Areas Most Women Complain About? Which Pieces From Your Collection Can Best Tackle Those Areas?

AA: The biggest problem area is Tummy, and most of our products caters to it. Like Tummy Tucker takes care of entire abdomen, while Tummy Tucker Panty/Shorts takes care of lower abdomen. High Waist Shaper and Body Slimmer provides extra compression on Tummy from front while Body Bracer, Low Waist Panty etc. provides mild compression.

Adorna has products focused on most of the body parts as we believe that each user is unique and so is her expectation from her shapewear.


LnL: What Piece From Your Collection Would You Recommend For Someone Who Has Just Had A Baby? 

AA: If she just wants to reduce the extra bulge, wearing Adorna Low Waist Panty while working out would be essential.

For feeding mothers, heavy/sagging busts poses big problem. Wearing Adorna Camisole reduces the sagging problem, and also the back support system reduces the back pain problems. For a price conscious customer, Adorna Bust-Up would be helpful.

It is advised to consult your doctor before using a shapewear immediately after pregnancy.


LnL: What Do Customer Expect In Shapewear?

AA: There is a misconception that wearing shapewear will help in reducing weight/inches immediately. This is because of some misleading marketing campaigns. And since this is good to hear, several people believe it.

What we say is, it enhances the effectiveness of your workouts. So whatever you do, it is important to wear a shapewear.

As they say, the immediate effects will also vanish immediately. So immediate effect is that the appearance would get enhanced, while regular usage will help in permanently lose inches.


LnL: International Brands Have A Proper Sizing System Depending On The Restriction A Consumer Wants. There Are Different Levels. It Can Be Ultra Or Light Slimming, Could You Describe The Sizing Each Of Your Shapewear Garments Provide And Their Functionality.

AA: Adorna Shapewear has a range of products including those with compression levels. For instance, Adorna Body Bracer is a body suit with mild compression, whereas Adorna Body Slimmer is a similar product with extra compression on the front and sides.

So, we advise our customers to choose a product as per their need. We have widest range of shapewear for different body parts and compression levels.


LnL: Are There Any Shapewear Garments That Can Be Used During Work Out Sessions? Could You Brief Us More About It?

AA: Adorna High Waist Shaper is one of our best selling product and users have told us they really enjoyed their yoga sessions after wearing it. For gymming, we advise Adorna Slimmer Body Suit as it has best compression level and in built belts (instead of straps) makes it comfortable to wear in extensive work out sessions.


LnL: What technological advancement in garment design, fashion that emphasises body shape has been taken place in recent years?

AA: Shapewear in itself is an advancement in garment design wherein a lingerie is helping a lady to look even better. But the best is yet to come as I believe shapewear will become the only lingerie a lady would need in her closet.


LnL: Various reports have pointed out that continuous wearing of shape wear can cause blood clots, acid reflux and breathing problems. Which shape wear can help to achieve an hour glass look without pain? 

AA: Wearing right size & type of shapewear, which lets you breathe and work comfortably should be fine. Adorna Shapewear are made only of cloth and no extra metal boning is provided. The fabric also adjusts itself such that the user doesn’t feel suffocated, while providing apt compression to her body.


LnL: Which is the innovative fabrics actually further promote weight loss?

AA: Spandex has been a catalyst in this area. Amalgamation of various kinds of yarns with Spandex has resulted in innovative new fabrics which can be used for very exciting purposes. Shapewear serves one of those purposes.


LnL: How are underwear garments designed to work on different areas or whole body wrap targeting all areas? (Concept )

AA: Since shapewear is usually an underwear and touches the skin directly, it must be made up of skin friendly and anti-allergic fabric. Which is why Adorna shapewear are made of cotton based fabric which is very much skin-friendly.

To give proper shape at the desired areas, each shapewear design is engineered to provide apt compression at that body part. Also, the compression levels also gets defined by the cloth and stitch in that design.


LnL: Do Shapewear garments lose out on its shape due to repeated wearability or washing. How long will a shapewear last once the consumer uses it on regular basis?

AA: If you wash and hang it, it will lose its shape. Hence we advise to dry shapewear on flat surface. Also, ironing a wet shapewear may also hinder its shape. So some care must be taken while using it.

We’ve seen that if used regularly, Adorna shapewear lasts for around 3-4 months. But that’s because the user loses inches and would need a smaller size now!

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