Curve Craft

...because every inch matters

You know how you walk into a Subway and choose every element of your sandwich, tailoring it to your exact taste? Why should shapewear be any different? Why settle for generic when you can have it made just for you?

Too often, shapewear comes with compromises — be it sizing discomfort, inconvenient configurations, or lack of personal style options. At Adorna, we believe that just as you personalize your sandwich, you should be able to tailor your shapewear to perfection.

CurveCraft to the rescue:

  1. Precision Sizing: No more adjustments or 'close enough' fits. We craft your shapewear to your exact measurements, not a generalized size range.
  2. Custom Configurations: Whether you need a pee-hole or prefer without, we cater to your specific needs.
  3. One Free Alteration: Our commitment is to get it right for you. If it isn't perfect the first time, we offer one free alteration. That's right, the return pickup and delivery will also be on us.
  4. Strap It Your Way: Choose straps the same way you'd pick your sandwich toppings — to match your attire and mood.
  5. Style Freedom: Whether you're into the panty-style, brief-style, or half-pant, or even full leg length, we've got all the 'flavors' to suit your preference.
  6. Personalized, Not Generalized: Think of generic shapewear as a pre-made sandwich. Ours is made-to-order, crafted exactly to your taste and fit.

With Adorna's Curve Craft, it's not just about wearing shapewear; it's about wearing your shapewear. Dive into the luxury of personalized comfort and style. Order today and discover the transformation of a perfect fit!