Shapewear Size Chart - Your Guide to the Perfect Fit

# Body Suits Hip Shapers Tummy Tuckers Upper Body Shapers Waist Cinchers
S 28-30 inches 30-32 inches 30-32 inches 30 inches 30-32 inches
M 32-34 inches 34-36 inches 34-36 inches 32 inches 34-36 inches
L 36-38 inches 38-40 inches 38-40 inches 34 inches 38-40 inches
XL 40-42 inches 42-44 inches 42-44 inches 36 inches 42-44 inches
XXL 44-46 inches 46-48 inches 46-48 inches 38 inches 46-48 inches
3XL 48-50 inches 50-52 inches 50-52 inches 40 inches 50-52 inches


Welcome to Adorna, India's leading shapewear brand! We're delighted to help you find your perfect fit in our superior range of body shapers. Our Size Chart has been designed with meticulous care to ensure that every Adorna customer finds the right fit for their shaping needs. We firmly believe that a perfect fit is key to confidence, comfort, and style.

Our size chart is your roadmap to the ideal body shaper. It's your compass that directs you to a world where comfort and style walk hand-in-hand. Remember, following our Size Chart ensures that your Adorna shapewear fits like a second skin, boosting your confidence and making every day a comfortable and stylish affair.

Not sure how to use the Size Chart? No worries at all! Feel free to drop us an email at or give us a call or WhatsApp at 783-01234-66. Our responsive customer service team is ready and eager to assist you. We're here to ensure your journey to finding the right body shaper is smooth and successful.

When you choose Adorna, you choose a brand that cares about your comfort and satisfaction. So, whether you're exploring our High Waist Briefs or our Bust Enhancer Camisoles, our Size Chart will ensure you find the ideal fit for your shaping needs.

So, step into the world of Adorna, follow our size chart, and discover the perfect fit body shapers that shape not just your body, but also your confidence. Your journey to the perfect silhouette starts here!

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